220px-ME3 Gunships

images of two A-61 Mantis Gunships, top under the control of Cerberus and the bottom under the control of the now Defunct Systems Alliance

The A-61 Mantis Gunship (it should not be confused with the one from Piala) is a vehicle found in the Riz'ro, Piz'ro and Kiz'ro universes. Since its introduction, the Mantis has become a staple of military forces across the multiverse. The Gunship is driven by vectored-thrust engines. First rolled off the assembly lines in 1400 N.E, the Mantis remains in service in dozens of armies across the Multiverse, complementing the Republic's LAAT, the Imperium's Valkyrie and UNSC's Pelican. Its modular construction means that the versatile Mantis can be reconfigured as a low-altitude gunship, a fighter, a high-altitude bomber, or even a single-stage-to-orbit spaceplane that can engage enemy craft around a planet or a space station. The only role the Mantis cannot perform is that of a true deep-space fighter, as it has no FTL drive.

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