The AH/G-24 Banshee Tactical-Strike Aircraft[1] is a VTOL aircraft. The Banshee is powered by relatively low-thrust and inexpensive[2] VTOL[3] turbofans capable of operating only in an atmosphere.[2] The turbofans are sturdy, simple in design, and relatively easy to maintain. They allow for indefinite loitering with minimal noise, which is perfect for stealth operations.[3] The fans allow the Banshee to be dropped from orbit,[4] but are incapable of attaining escape velocity.[2] However, Banshees are outfitted with special propulsion systems only used in space.[5] In addition to the fans, the Banshee has a fantail rotor assembly used for steering and banking. The Banshee is heavily optimized for its intended role. Its standard armament is air-to-ground Backlash rockets.[2] Additional armament options were also developed. Kel-Morian Banshees were armed with rapid-firing projectile weaponry capable of striking aerial targets.[6] By the Second War, Banshees could carry the Shockwave missile battery, which bombarded a longer linear area ahead of the aircraft, rather than just a smaller circular point as with the default Backlashes. They were used by the Alliance of Nations

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