The Athosians (Second Human Empire: ?) were a formerly technologically advanced-turned primitive human culture native to the Pegasus galaxy, from the planet Athos. They were the first race in Pegasus to be encountered by the Atlantis expedition in 2004 (N.E ?). Mostly consisting of farmers, hunters and traders, they formed an alliance with the expedition after they helped them evacuate to Lantea after they were attacked by the Wraith. By 2006 (N.E ?), they moved to a new settlement known as New Athos, a relatively safe planet until they were taken captive by Michael Kenmore, who used them for experimentation to his Human-Wraith Hybrid. Several were killed and several more were turned into Hybrids, but they were eventually rescued and some Hybrid Athosians reverted to humans again. The Athosians joined the Alliance of Nations

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