Image BMP2

The BMP-2 (Russian: БМП-2) is a Soviet armored personal carrier introduced in the 1980s (1320s N.E), following the BMP-1 of the 1960s (1290s N.E). Its variants are the BMP-2D and the BMP-2 obr. 1986. The BMP-2 was originally going to replace the BMP-1 but instead it supplemented it. Although the BMP-1 was a revolutionary design, its main armament, the 2A28 Grom and the 9S428 ATGM launcher capable of firing the 9M14 Malyutka (NATO: AT-3A Sagger A) and the 9M14M Malyutka-M (NATO: AT-3B Sagger B) ATGMs, quickly became obsolete. Therefore, the Soviet Union decided to produce an updated and improved version of the BMP-1. The main emphasis was put on improving the main armament. In 1972, work got underway to develop an improved version of the BMP-1. The BMP-2 is broadly similar to the BMP-1. The BMP-2 is one of many armored personal carriers used by the Alliance of Nations, Axis of Empires and the Coalition of Independent States along with independent factions such as the Eldar.

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