The Battle of Ryalai Nebula was the first battle fought between Soviet forces and the Zann Consortium in the Zann Consortium War. It began around noon, when the Soviet frigate, SSN Kreskaev, detected strange radar signals coming from Ryalai Nebula. They went to investigate, as nobody was supposed to be there because it was a wildlife refuge. Soon after arriving the Kreskaev was shelled by Zann Consortium Aggressor Star Destroyer fire, and destroyed. The Kreskaev managed to get a message to the Soviets before being sunk, and Soviet forces arrived in the area within 20 minutes. The Soviet naval forces were led by Admiral Andrei Smoktunovsky, one of the highest ranking officers in the Soviet navy. The commander of the ZC forces there was identified as Pietro Celega, a well known anti-government protester and war-veteran within the Soviet Union.

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