The Black Rage Virus is a Virus created by the joint effort of the Axis's Laboratories 265 and the Combine's Imperial Research Group 975. The Virus itself is a Viral Chimera of sorts given the fact that it's created by taking the DNA of Heartless, Rage Virus and Green Flu, none the less, this virus is regarded as a brutal virus and being extremely difficult to eliminate, but, it's rare to find though.

Symptoms Edit

The the most profound symptoms that found in infected individuals is three things, first is the fact that they still retain their intelligence, memories and emotions, second is the paranoia that the virus inflects on it's host that makes them believe anyone that's not infected as being "monsters" that out to kill them, and third is a thick, black tar-like substance that replaces all biological liquids in the hosts body, however, their are other symptoms found in the virus as well, like uncontrollable fear, blood filled rage once they see a uninfected person and, in some cases, schizophrenia

List of Major Outbreaks Edit

  • Outbreak on Colmar
  • Outbreak on Tau Lunis

Used by Edit

  • Axis of Empires
  • Empire of the Combine Race
  • Imperialist Alliance
  • Nationalist Alliance
  • Transrace Empire

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