Borg Sphere

The Borg long-range tactical vessel, commonly referred to by the Allies as a Borg sphere, was a sphere-shaped starship used by the Borg Collective during the first war. Borg spheres were used by the Borg as scout ships or long-range tactical vessels. Borg spheres were also embedded into some Borg cubes, and were used as auxiliary craft. Borg spheres had a crew complement of 11,000 Borg drones. The spheres were approximately 600 meters in diameter, and had an interior bay large enough to hold an Intrepid-class starship or CR90 Corvette.

Among other starship classes of the Borg fleet, the Borg sphere went through three different versions in the 22nd, 23rd and 24th century respectively.

A more heavily armored version of the Sphere was fielded by the Borg Collective circa 2379, dubbed the Borg Sphere Prime and acting as the dreadnoughts of the Collective.

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