Caitians are a felinoid race with distinct cat-like features. As their homeworld, Cait, has been a Allied member, Caitians are known to serve both in the Alliance and on the Alliance Council. They're known throughout their quadrant for their intelligence, curiosity, loyalty and love of beauty. Caitians' interlocking personal and clan relationships can create large family groups that sometimes number in the hundreds. Caitians are bipedal, with height comparable to humans, have tails that assist their balance and large eyes with excellent night vision. Their skin is covered with soft fur coat, and their felinoid ears can pick up frequencies that most humanoids are unable to detect. Caitians are also remarkable jumpers; able to leap roughly twice as high as an average human. The Caitians joined the Alliance of Nations, they are part of the War of the Feline Races

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