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The Centauri Republic is the ruling governmental structure of the Centauri race and a major galactic power. The Centauri Republic is a major galactic power and noted for being the first alien government with which Babylon Earth had open contact. The Republic is based on Centauri Prime but spans a number of other colonies and worlds. Despite its "Republic" moniker, the Centauri Republic is a nominal constitutional monarchy headed by an imperial family. It is ruled by an emperor, or, in the event of an interregnum, a regent. The emperor has enormous power in Centauri society, and all Centauri are taught to be deferential to the ruling monarch. The Centauri are not a democracy; the average citizen has little or no political power within the Republic. The Centauri Republic allows the practice of slavery, and owning slaves is legal within the Republic. The Centauri Republic joins the Alliance of Nations alongside the Interstellar Alliance

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