Dengar, also known as "Payback," was a Corellian bounty hunter and the pilot of the Punishing One. Brought up in the culture of swoop bikes and becoming a successful racer himself, Dengar also led a double life as a successful bounty hunter during the Clone Wars, becoming one of the galaxy's most efficient mercenaries; his work teamed him with the likes of bounty hunters such as Boba Fett and Bossk. Dengar would eventually give up the life of bounty hunting to pursue his other passion: swoop racing.

Biography Edit Edit

Personality Edit Edit

Early in his life, Dengar was a crude and slovenly bounty hunter with a proven track record, priding himself on firepower and destruction. Though scruffy-looking and battered, he would frequently make passes at women that caught his eye. Despite some perceiving him as obnoxious, a young Boba Fett enjoyed working with him and held him in high regard.

Profession Edit Edit

Close Friends Edit Edit

Family and Relatives Edit Edit

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