Dorian Pavus is a human allied soldier of the Felreden army. Dorian was born to the prestigious Pavus family of the Felreden, demonstrating from an early age a flair for magic which made him the envy of his peers. Dorian studied at Corellia and later served as a student under New Republic officer Han Solo and later a gunner of the Millennium Falcon and other freighters in the war. though eventually Dorian became disillusioned with Felreden lies, scheming, and the illusions of supremacy.

With his gunning ability, wit and charm, it would seem he would have had a promising career in Tevinter had Dorian not become a pariah for opposing every fault his homeland is known for. Dorian bears his ostracism with pride as he feels Tevinter will only change if someone like him makes a difference.

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