Faldio Landzaat Profile

Faldio Landzaat is the tank commander and the lieutenant of Squad 1, and eventually one of the many commanding officers of the Allied Gallian Volunteers. Faldio is an archetypical city boy, born and raised in the capital city of Gallia. His father was a history professor at the University of Randgriz, and boasted one of the most expansive personal libraries in all of Randgriz. As a child, Faldio spent most of his time buried in the books in his father's library. When he was a little older, Faldio's family took many trips all across Europa, where he had the opportunity to explore many ancient ruins. These childhood expeditions provided Faldio with a keen interest in relics of the past, and when he was old enough to enroll in university, he decided to major in archaeology.

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