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Flag of the Federation of the Americas

The Federation, officially the Federation of the Americas (FA) (Spanish: Federación de las Américas, Portuguese: Federação das Américas), is a political, economic, and military union of North American, Central American, South American, and Caribbean nations (Latin America), that has risen to power in Xuy'ti Earth and the member of the Axis of Empires. The Federation's capital is Caracas, Venezuela. The leader of the Federation was Diego Almagro. Allied soldiers usually refer them as "Feds."

History Edit

the federation is formed after the middle east got destabilised causing the world in chaos however many of Latino nations decided to unite into one federation however some Latino countries doesn't approve of that so the federation of Americas invade them and invade america.The federation of Americas join the axis of empire for the rest of the multiverse war however it was lost to the alliance of nations.

Government Edit

the government is a mixture of federation and dictatorial communism with it

Diego almagro

Gabriel t. rorke

Military Edit

the military of the feds is the 3rd biggest military in the cod earth and 105 in the entire multiverse at the time

Society Edit

the society is highly based off former soviet union and the people republic of china

Culture Edit

the culture of the feds is a mix between Spanish,Portuguese and native culture

Foreign Relations Edit

it indeed to have excellent relationship with most of axis of empires and well known for its anti american speeches and also anti allied as well

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