The Feline is a European-manufactured submachine gun with high capacity magazine and an impressive rate of 1200 RPM when fired in full auto mode. Developed by British weapon specialists, Lank & Linder, it was introduced in 2019 (1359 N.E) primarily for specialist law enforcement and armed forces of the Alliance Joint Military. As of now, the Feline is still considered best-of-class, lauded for its dominating rate of fire and compact, ergonomic bullpup design. The Feline utilizes next-gen 4.7mm pistol ammunition with a relatively short cartridge, similar to the 5.7x28mm firing solution utilized by the FN-P90 submachine gun (also a bullpup). The 4.7mm round shares many properties with rifle cartridges, providing close-range stopping power and superior armor penetration compared to the ammunition normally fired by submachine guns.

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