Gen2 GLA logo summit

The Global Liberation Army, (Arabic: جيش التحرير العالمي Jaysh al-Tahrir al-Alami, abbreviated GLA) is a violent non-state actor formed in Goo'iiki Earth. The highly decentralized organization incorporated various groups of insurgents, terrorists, self-styled freedom fighters, members of the criminal underground and other people supportive of their cause under the common banner. The GLA's rapid expansion and aggression triggered a global conflict with the nations it opposed. GLA leaders did not abide by rules of military conduct and routinely targeted civilian populations, up to and including terror attacks utilizing weapons of mass destruction. Meanwhile, State actors also continued in their war campaigns which hit the civilian element regularly, intentionally, and unnecessarily, providing them with no greater element of ethics in their warfare. It has been designated as a terrorist organization by the Alliance of Nations, Axis of Empires, and countless other Independent Civilizations.

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