The Hammer of Dawn was a COG (part UIR) Imulsion-energized orbital satellite-based laser[1]. Like the Death Star (which was originally a Separatist weapon in the Filo and Viau universes), it was originally to be used by UIR Forces, but during Operation: Unthinkable, it was captured by the Allies and later used it against many Axis Fortifications. Its key components were invented by the UIR scientist Mauris Ivo[2] and completed by professor Adam Fenix. Its first test was in the Garadaner Test Ranges when two low yield beams destroyed the mock town on Naboo. Its first real military use was at Operation Unthinkable where the Hammer obliterated four large Axis ships in seconds, winning the battle for the Allies. It was first used as a strategic weapon as a deterrent by forcing politicians to rethink their decisions[4] but would eventually be forced to become a tactical weapon for asset denial and tactical operations in the First War.

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