Admiral Trench

The Harch (or Spider People, Second Human Empire: ?) were a sentient arachnid species native to the Mid Rim planet of Secundus Ando. The Harch possessed a large-fanged mouth between two prominent chelicerae, above which they had six red eyes arranged in a semicircle. The two lowest eyes were larger and roughly twice the size of the four smaller eyes. Harch walked on two legs and had six arms, with the second and third set of arm protruding from behind the first pair rather than directly above or below them. These arms were covered in thick hair and ended in three-fingered hands. The Harch were distantly related to the Aqualish species and there was much debate among geneticists regarding the relationship between the Harch and the Aqualish Ualaq subspecies. The Harch joined the Axis of Empires.

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