Heartless, once called Eclipsed, now called Darkened, were originally the genetically reenginnered monsterostists that were created by the anicent Malican Empire's General turned Emperor, Emperor Hitt'lon Zizz'lii when they were first called the Eclipse. After the Malican Empire's collispe, the Ecilpse evolved into the Pureblood, somepoint after this, the Embled were created. They brutal and ruthless monsterostists that should not be trivaled with

List of Subspecies per groupEdit



  1. Shadow
  2. Neoshadow
  3. Darkball
  4. Invisible
  5. Darkside
  6. Dark Follower
  7. Novashadow
  8. Orcus
  9. Dark Hide


List of known Intelligent DarkenedEdit

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