The Imperial Guard, also refered to as the Kutarukia Royal Guard was the Empire of the Combine Race most elite military unit who are assissaned to protect Emperor Yiloala and the rest of the Kutarukia Royal Family. They have been noted to be fanatically loyal to the members of the family that they were protecting, they later served the Empire of the Combined Race after the First War

List of Species apart of it Edit

Empire of the Combine Race (only three)

  • Kilominitic
  • Transrace
  • Edanian

Empire of the Combined Races Edit

  • Kilominitic
  • Transrace
  • Edanian

Level of organization Edit

Highest to lowest

  • Supreme Knight
  • Shogun
  • High Guard
  • Low Guard
  • Guard
  • Scout
  • Sentry

Military Organization Edit

  • Legion (500,000 - 800,000)
  • Unit (25,000 - 50,000)
  • Regiment (900 - 1,200)
  • Escort (50 - 100)

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