The IMC, formely called Hammond Engineering, is a massive industrial conglomerate based on Zi'ooi Earth. With Earth's support, IMC deployed its fleets to the distant, independent human colony worlds to exploit their rich resources. Facing the loss of their homes and freedom to the IMC invaders, the colonists formed a militia known as Frontier Militia and fought back, sparking a civil war that spread throughout human space. IMC is one of the two factions confirmed to be first fought with Combines in the Zi'ooi Universe. All IMC Titans and pilots wear shiny silver, new looking uniforms compared to the Militia's green, run down looking uniforms. The founder of the IMC was Doctor Hammond, and the current chairman is known as Mister Hammond, a descendent of the founder. As of now, the IMC was a member of the Alliance of Nations to counter the Axis' PMCs

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