Request ivan shepard for drivanmoffitt by harukainlove-d82q82l

an artist rediring of Ivan Shepard

"This is our final stand! We must hold this place until the Alliance come!"

Admiral Ivan Shepard, born as Ivan Ryan Shepard is an Allied Commander who servived along side his cousins Admiral/Dr. Natasha Shepard Vakarian and Roman Shepard.



Family and Relatives

Tail'Zorah Shepard (Wife, Quarian)

Roman Shepard (Cousin, Human)

Varinia Vakarian Shepard (Cousin, Turian)

Natasha Shepard Vakarian (Cousin, Human)

Garrus Vakarian (Cousin, Turian)

Dmitri Shepard (rother, Human)

Mana Shepard (Sister-in-law, Asari)

Feodosi Shepard (Nephew, Human)

Igor Shepard (Nephew, Human)

Lev Shepard (Nephew, Human)

Ossip Shepard (ephew, Human)

Irina Shepard (Niece, Asari)

Nilius Shepard (Son, Human-Quarian Hybrid)

Naeme Shepard (Daughter, Human-Quarian Hybrid) Zhenya Shepard (Daughter, Human-Quarian Hybrid)

Rael Shepard (Son, Human-Quarian Hybrid)


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