ME3 Balak

Ka'hairal Balak is the leader of a batarian militia that was part of the infamous Batarian August Uprising of 1456. Unlike most batarians, who were either cynical of the Hegemony or openly opposed the Hegemony's ideals, Balak, on the other hand, was one of the few batarians who supported the Hegemony's ideals, and he even planned to recreated it in some form during the Uprising.

Balak hates humans because they claimed territory and resources that he believes should have belonged to the batarians during the early stages of Batarian Uprising and he also hated the largely human Nazis for their ruthless and brutal occupation and enslavement of the batarian worlds and species. He sees his actions as reprisal for the Uprising. He was killed by Wolfgang Statz in the final days of the Uprising

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