KateLockwell SC2 Head1

Kate Lockwell is the chief anchor for Multiversal News Network. Lockwell was a reporter for MNN by 1432 N.E. She began working with cameraman Zach Oliver in this year. Lockwell did a story on the application of the death penalty to a group of traitors that year. A month later, Kate Lockwell was selected for a cushy assignment; MNN's first embedded reporter since the trouble with Michael Liberty. The Allied Forces had resisted embedded reporters for years, fearing a repeat of the August Uprising of 1456, but Major Tom Hawkins selected her to travel with his marines after MNN editor-in-chief Handy Anderson vouched for her, due to her loyalty to the Allies and, secretly, because he believed she wasn't a good reporter and wouldn't discover the truth about himself and his unit's activities. He told her this assignment could make her career, a fact that she was well aware of.

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