The kilominitic empire by drivanmoffitt-d4eaj70

The Imperial flag of the Empire at the time before it was reorganized

The Kilominitic Empire, before it was known as the Empire of the Combine Race, their last Emperor, the same Emperor who once ruled the Empire of the Combine Race and started the Olkimanic Universal War of which was about a centillion years ago they won and with that war was the first step to the End of the Human Empire.  


Government and politicsEdit

Foreign relations and militaryEdit

Administrative divisionsEdit

the Thirteen Royal FamiliesEdit

Kutarukia FamilyEdit

Tinima Family

Qinimakia Family Edit

Kunniamer Family Edit

Terlierkia Family Edit

Kooilier Family Edit

Vuuilimer Family Edit

Zilikimeria Family Edit

Lillimer Family Edit

Qinloomer Family Edit

Tiuilik Family Edit

Zulizzumer Family Edit

Viuulizzik Family Edit




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