This is a list of known battles, wars, disputes, and other deadly conflicts, in chronological order.

Age of Elders (650 Centrillion to 148 Centrillion B.N.E)Edit

Age of Ancients (148 Centrillion B.N.E to 0 N.E)Edit

Age of Uncertainty (0 to 1350 N.E)Edit

First Multiverse War (1350 to 2372 N.E) Edit

First Aftermath (2372 to 2753 N.E)Edit

Second Multiverse War (2753 to 3142 N.E) Edit

Second Aftermath (3142 to 3192 N.E)Edit

Infection War (3192 to 3642 N.E)Edit

Unity Era (3642 to 4004 N.E)Edit

Third Multiverse War (4004 to 4752 N.E)Edit

Third Aftermath (4752 to 9965 N.E)Edit

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