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The MC40a light cruiser or Mon Calamari Light Cruiser was a Mon Calamari Star Cruiser design.

Characteristics Edit

The MC40 was a small Rebel capital ship, larger than the Imperial Strike-class medium cruiser. It was equipped with powerful shields for a vessel of its size. Its three engines gave it a higher speed than the bigger MC80a Star Cruiser, and it was more maneuverable. The MC40 had a large, portside hangar and could carry one starfighter squadron.

History Edit

Heavily used by the Alliance in the year before the Great Battle of Endor, the MC40a was the smallest class of starship donated to the cause by the Mon Calamari. Larger than the Imperial Strike Cruiser, the MC40a was equipped with exceptionally strong shields for a vessel of that size, and its bank of powerful engines allowed it to function well as a fast, manoeuvrable escort for the more ponderous MC80’s. The MC40a is used by the Alliance of Nations

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