"The Multiverse, a place where ancient empires lived and died. For over a Centrillion years an ruthless Empire that calls itself the Empire of the Combine Race have been planned on the complete conquest of the Multiverse, 352 years have passed since Invasion of Golmar Earth and since then a brutal war waged on, Now a few heroes of the past have not only awakened to a Universe but a Multiverse at war. Many Empires rise to became the centre of the Multiverse's power but just as often fall as well, for in the multiverse, nothing is for certain, no matter the size or the power of the empire, for which, it will only be a matter of time before your civilization became forgotten and whoms corpse is left to be picked off by another younger civilization, but remember this, for this multiverse one thing is certain, war and peace will always occur and always bring uncertainity with them"


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Welcome to the Multiversial Encyclopedia WikiEdit

This is the wiki about the Great Multiverse and the many different forms of it.

This is mostly for the fans of the series and for those who are working with it.

-Dr. Ivan Moffitt

The Multiversial Encyclopedia Edit

In truth, this wiki serves as a "codex" so to speak, it'll have mainly the civilizations that's in the story as well as the wars, technology and people in said story. In better terms, it serves as an overview for the story itself.

The Timeline Edit

  • 650 Centrillion B.N.E to 148 Centrillion - Age of Elders
  • 148 Centrillion B.N.E to 0 - Age of Ancients
  • 0 to 1350 - Age of Uncertainty
  • 1350 to 2372- First Multiverse War (Broken Age)
  • 2372 to 2753- First Aftermath (Time to Rebuild)
  • 2753 to 3142- Second Multiverse War (Civil War)
  • 3142 to 3192- Second Aftermath (Uncertainty)
  • 3192 to 3642- Infection War (Plague's Released)
  • 3642 to 4004- Unity Era (Coming Storm)
  • 4004 to 4752- Third Multiverse War (Sins of the Father)
  • 4752 to 9965- Third Aftermath (Requiem of the Cruel Lord)


  • Pol Universe
  • Dol Universe
  • Zol Universe
  • Gil Universe
  • Gizzer Universe
  • Goo'iiki Universe
  • Riz'ro Universe
  • Filo Universe
  • Viau Universe
  • Duyi'zu Universe
  • Bab'lonin Universe
  • Fop'lla Universe
  • Vop'lla Universe
  • Gi'ru Universe
  • Golmar Universe
  • Vuyi'uio Universe
  • Xuy'ui Universe
  • Bouyi'uyy Universe
  • Fui'uiknij Universe
  • Eur'uui Universe

more to be added

Works and Medias based on the Great Multiverse Edit

Video Games Edit

Comic Books Edit

Novels Edit

Films Edit

Television Edit

Role Playing-Games Edit

Audio Books Edit

Tabletop Games Edit

Reference Books Edit

  • The Multiversal Encyclopedia
  • The Multiversal Source Book
  • The Essential Guide to Characters
  • The New Essential Chronology
  • The New Essential Guide to Multiversal Species
  • The New Essential Guide to Characters
  • The Essential Atlas
  • The Essential Guide to Warfare
  • Great Multiverse: The Visual Dictionary
  • Great Multiverse: Incredible Cross Sections: Alliance of Nations
  • Great Multiverse: Incredible Cross Sections: Axis of Empires
  • Great Multiverse: Incredible Cross Sections: The Horde and other Independent Factions
  • Great Multiverse: Incredible Cross Sections: Imperialist Alliance
  • Great Multiverse: Incredible Cross Sections: Pact of Revolutionary Civilizations
  • Great Multiverse: Incredible Cross Sections: Hegemony of Independent States

Latest activityEdit

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