Ottsel Leader

a type of Ottsel

Ottsels, also known as Precursors, are a species that controls an ancient civilization and one of the only two civilizations outside the Empire of the Combine Race in terms of age and technology. Unlike the Second Human Empire, the Ottsels Civilization has greatly deterated due to inpart to a Civil War, and two wars against a ruthless Bio-Mechinical Species they refer to as the Hora Quan  


Formation of the FederationEdit

Alliance with Humanity, Prothean and ForerunnersEdit

Olkimanic Universial WarEdit

War betweent the Humans Empire and their former alliesEdit

Extermiation of HumanityEdit

Recreation of HumanityEdit

First Ottsel Hora Quan WarEdit

First Nercomorph WarEdit

Second Ottsel Hora Quan WarEdit

Ottsel Civil WarEdit

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