The Primus class battle cruiser was a mainstay of the Centauri Republic fleet. The Primus was built by House Tavari Armaments at the Hevaria Orbital Shipyards at Tolonius VII. A very powerful warship compared to its contemporaries, the only real weakness of the Primus is its lack of fighter bay facilities .The Primus' standard armament of two twin barrell heavy pulse cannons allow it equal ability to deal with capital ships and fighters. Despite this, without fighter support the Primus can be quickly overwhelmed by intense barrages from enemy fighters and a powerful Defence Grid. While not as new as the Vorchan class warships, as of the Second War the Primus was still the most powerful vessel in the Centauris Royal Navy, capable of delivering a massive weapons payload onto the battle field. It is used by the Alliance of Nations

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