a battle over a Pro-Alliance planet between the Imperialist and Alliance forces

The Second Multiverse War, or commonly known as the Allied Civil War within Alliance Space, was a conflict from August 14th, 2753 to October 8th, 3142 that occured between the Alliance of Civilizations, the Imperialist Alliance, the Pact of Revolutionary Civilizations and the Coalition of Independent States, the conflict itself, in many ways, is considered a Civil War within the Alliance, given the fact that the Imperialist and the Pact were former members of the Alliance (with some former Axis members within both group) and a extange of the Chaos Wars


First ShotsEdit

Imperialist VictoriesEdit

Pact VictorousEdit

Brutal campage against the Pact and ImperialistEdit

Coalition Civil WarEdit

Olkimanic Burns and Turning pointEdit

Imperialist on the runEdit

Pact dissolvedEdit

Imperialist defeatedEdit

Remnants huntedEdit

Other conflicts within the Second WarEdit

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