Socialist Canadian Republic Flag

The Socialist Canadian Empire is the premier communist state in Litio'sihu Earth. It is one of many superpowers in Litio'sihu universe and finds itself constantly butting heads with the Imperium of Man. Their leader was Grand Autarch Nicole Oliver, The SCE joined the Axis Of Empires. In the Second War, the Socialist Canadian Empire is a major member of the Pact of Revolutionary Civilizations and a major player in the Second War.

Government Edit

Although the SCE, like its Imperial rivals in Litio'sihu Earth, presents itself as a bastion of freedom, it is in truth a totalitarian state. The SCE economy is managed by supercomputers, but given the sheer size of the SCE state they do not run it very efficiently.Although the SCE's communist ideology dictates that the state's resources be distributed equally, much of the state's resources go to the military or the leadership.

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