Ultramarines Artificer Armour2

The Space Marines or Adeptus Astartes are foremost amongst the defenders of humanity within the Imperium of Man, the greatest of the Imperium of Man's warriors. They are barely human at all, but superhuman; having been made superior in all respects to a normal man by a harsh regime of genetic modification, psycho-conditioning and rigorous training. Space Marines are untouched by plague or any natural disease and can suffer wounds that would kill a lesser being several times over, and live to fight again. Clad in ancient Power Armour and wielding the most potent weapons known to Man, the Space Marines are terrifying foes and their devotion to the Emperor and the Imperium of Man is unyielding. They are the God-Emperor's Angels of Death, and they know no fear. Many have noted the irony in the Second Multiverse War when it was split between those who sided with the Imperialist and those who remain loyal to the Alliance, which sadly become one of the many symbols used to describe the civil war that ripped the Imperium of Man apart during the Second War.

History Edit

List of Known Chapters Edit

List of Known Chapter Primarchs Edit

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