Talaxians (Second Human Empire: Hamo Xutt'yuik Ruij'guih) were a warp-capable, technologically-advanced species native to the planet Talax in the Delta Quadrant. Physically the Talaxians were humanoid, with large areas of yellow to reddish-brown spotting on their heads, arms, and bodies. They had pale skin and a plume of ginger hair across the top of their heads. Males also had ginger whiskers growing on either side of their face; these developed during puberty, much like facial hair in Humans. However, the whiskers also had a pleasurable application since when tugged, they induced sexual arousal and feelings. Talaxians were generally stocky and the musculature of their upper odies was very dense. The Borg believed that this fact made Talaxians excellent combat drones. The Talaxian joined the Axis of Empires

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