Battle Mon Calamari 137 ABY

Federalist Starships fought against the TransRace in Dac of the Xilo Universe

The Third Multiverse War, from April 9th, 4004 to October 5th, 4752 N.E, was a conflict that occured almost immentiantly after the Nationalist Wars that was fough mainly by the Multiversial Federation, the TransRace Empire and the Reorganized Hegemony of Independent States, though remnants of the Nationalist Alliance (called the Nationalist Enclave during the War) fought as well, the war ended with the Federation victorious, the dissolvement of the Hegemony and the fragmentating of the TransRace Empire


Peacekeepers MassarceEdit

Coruscant XenocideEdit

Hegemony RevealedEdit

Riots in the FederationEdit

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