Dead Space 2
The Third Necromorph War was a conflict between the Necromorph under the leadership of the 15th Hive and the United Civilizations from August 17th, 3367 to May 17th, 3392 N.E. Considered by many to be the second most brutal fighting during the Infection War next to the fighting involving William Jäger, The ended with the 15th Hive's destruction.


the third necromorph war started because off a crash ship in earth when rescuer workers went to the ship they got attacked by the necromorph and causing half of the planet to be infected and many solders from the allies have to stopped it.

People involvedEdit

  • Luke skwalker
  • BJ blackswitc
  • ailson jakes
  • Han solo
  • Issac Clarke

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