United Republics of Worlds

The Flag of the United Commonwealths of Worlds

The United Commonwealths of Worlds (Formally known as the United Republics of Worlds) and also known as the Union and the U.C.W was a Civilization that was formed in the Malica Universe in 1345 N.E (New Era) following the Worlds War, it was one of the major Civilizations in the First Multiverse War . It meanly fought against the Helghast Empire , the Empire of the Combine Race ,The Greater German Empire , and the Heartless Empire .



Prewar relations with the Heartless EmpireEdit

The War against the Heartless EmpireEdit

The Axis Invasion, and Heartless Empire joining the AxisEdit

The Final days of the Malica WarEdit

The Destruction of WonderlandEdit

The Civil WarEdit

The End of the First Multiverse WarEdit



Political PartiesEdit

Former Political Parties Edit

Political Parties before the Infection WarEdit

List of Prime Presidents (later Chancellors)Edit

  1. Prime President (Chancellor) Christopher Anderson

Close AlliesEdit

Close EnemiesEdit

Species that's populated the United Commonwealths Edit

Proposed FlagsEdit

The United Commonwealths of Worlds 1

The first Proposed flag of the Union, proposed by Matías Goyo Travieso, the man who eventually became the Presidential Minister of the Union

many flags were proposed before the final was chosen, their are four proposed flags

The United Commonwealths of Worlds 2

the second proposed flag of the Union, Proposed by a woman named Jasmine Desjardins

The United Commonwealths of Worlds 3

the second proposed Flag of the Union, it was proposed by a man named Arseni Mihaylov

United Republics of Worlds

The Flag of the United Commonwealths of Worlds it is also the fourth proposed flag of the union, it was proposed by the man who would became the union's first Prime President, Christopher Anderson

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