Vivienne Uhura
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Thedas, Ou'hjik Universe

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1025 N.E

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Societal and political information


Alliance Joint Space Command




Starship Commander

For those who value survival, sentimentality is not an option.

-Vivienne in the Great Battle of Endor

Vivienne (Vivienne Uhura, after she was became an adopted daughter of Nyota Uhura in the end of the First Thedas War) is an Orlesian mage and personal enchanter and adviser to Empress Celene and Admiral of the MC80 Liberty Star Cruiser "Orlais" . She is straight-laced, pro-Circle and was set to be appointed the First Enchanter of the Circle in Montsimmard. However, the First Thedas War started before she could formally assume the position. Vivienne is a connoisseur of fashion, placing beauty above function. Caring more about her outward appearance than protection, Vivienne is always found in the finest silks and jewels. Her rich wardrobe and appreciation of fashion speaks of her station, being dubbed "the jewel of the high court of the Alliance,"[5] where she serves in an advisory capacity to the empress.

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First Thedas War Edit

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First Multiverse War Edit


Orlais, Vivienne's personal flagship in the war

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