The vulture-class hover bike (a.k.a. vulture hover cycle) or Vulture speeder by Viau People[1] is a hoverbike used mainly for scouting. the vulture is a lightly-armored one-man hoverbike primarily used for scouting and patrol,[1] designed with speed and reliability in mind.[3] Its limited gravity hover technology allows the bike to travel over rough terrain with little loss of traction or speed, and reach speeds up to 230 miles per hour.[1] Three men could overload a bike.[4] Their magnetic frequency can also be adjusted to make it easier to cross some obstacles (e.g. the tracks used by mag-lev trains).[5] An onboard computer and sensors mounted in the "nose" of the craft keeps it at a steady pace for most of the time[6] and a navigation system is present.[5] These features make the vulture suitable for patrolling the vast wildernesses typically found around terran colonies.[3] They produce a humming whine as they move. It is used by the Alliance and the Imperialists

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