This section is all about the weapons of Felreden during the Multiverse Wars, originally the Felreden's arsenal are medieval and magical weapons and mounts, but when the First Multiverse War struck Thedas and Ou'hjik universe brutally hard, all of their fantasy weapons are quickly replaced by Modern weapons that was used by Allied members like Pol America and the Rebel Alliance (Later the New Republic). It should be note that Felreden is the first faction to receive Tekla weapons built by Dr. Tekla

Infantry WeaponsEdit




  • Calenhad-class Star Destroyer
  • Hawke-class Battleship
  • Guerrin-class Gunship
  • Loghain-class Cruiser
  • Alistair-class Frigate
  • Rutherford-class Corvette
  • FR-60 Shuttle
  • FX-1 Starfighter
  • FX-2 Starbomber

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